Team Boon

Henry Sinclair Sherrill

Sinclair Sherrill is co-founder of Boon and the leading consultant behind Boon’s development. In 2011, Sinclair, along with his wife Martha Lemons Sherrill, began to study and conduct research on the education and learning disabilities fields. They learned that a gap existed between research and the classroom where it came to reading literacy. Sinclair organized Boon to raise the bar above local fundraising for teacher training, by establishing a charity that can raise funds from donors across the country. Boon’s strategy for supporting teacher training in science-based literacy instruction methods is to direct consistent scholarship funding to four expert nonprofit training centers operating in the majority of states.

Sinclair has a B.A from Harvard University, and he received his juris doctorate from University of Puget Sound/Seattle University. He is a seasoned non profit leader and consultant with over thirty years of grant making, fundraising, and board governance experience.