Our Mission


Boon funds scholarships that benefit individual teachers who seek professional learning in explicit, structured, multi-sensory reading instruction methods.

Boon directs funds to the national headquarters of our four designated grantee training organizations, listed below. Scholarships are awarded by leaders at the national organizations.


1. State your current level of reading instruction training in explicit, structured, multi-sensory methods;
2. Describe the type of training you would like to receive (IMSLEC, ALTA, AOGPE, or Wilson);
3. Describe the level of training you seek (each training partner/organization approaches training levels differently, so refer to their websites for more detailed information);
4. Provide your education history;
5. Briefly outline your teaching experience and current employment information;
6. Explain your reason for seeking the training and what your future plans might be for using
your new qualifications; also note if you are interested in pursuing qualifications beyond
the scholarship-enabled level;
7. Include your full name, complete mailing address, daytime phone number, and preferred
email address.

Requests for consideration should be made directly to one of the following organizations with copies to hssherrill@boonphilanthropy.org. Scholarships can only be provided through Wilson non-profit Academic Partners.

Wilson Language Training (WLT)
47 Old Webster Rd. Oxford, MA.
Contact: Paul Tortolani
Email: ptortolani@wilsonlanguage.com
Tel: 508-368-2355

International Multisensory Structured Language Educational Council (IMSLEC)
14070 Proton Rd. Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75244
Contact: Kay Peterson, President
Email: office@imslec.org

Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA)
14070 Proton Rd. Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75244
Contact: Jean Colner, President
Email: office@altaread.org

Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE)
PO BOX 234, Amenia, NY 12501-0234
Contacts: Alicia Sartori, Executive Director, Beth McClure, President
Tel: 845-373-8919
Email: info@ortonacademy.org

Organizations that provide local training opportunities are listed by state: Boon National Scholarship Trainers. But scholarship applications should be directed to the personnel at the national headquarters.
You may contact Boon to inform us of your interest, but please know that Boon is not involved in determining who receives scholarships.

Note: In 2018, Boon granted $50,000 for Boon National Scholarships because of our dollar-for-dollar matching fund from major donors, and the responsive support of our average donors who gave between $5-$1000.