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Boon is a public charity with the capacity to make grants and raise funds in all fifty states. Its co-founders and board of trustees are working to develop and grow a grant making and fundraising organization that can serve the education field as a collective and community-based funding resource for teacher training in explicit, multi-sensory reading instruction. Boon’s Orton National Scholarships provide free teacher training. By increasing the number of teachers that have that knowledge and skill set, we are certain we can help reduce the reading crisis in America.

Boon is a community of like-minded donors, at all giving levels and capacities, that understands well-trained teachers are the key to the reading success of students. Boon’s supporters know that reading effectively is the gateway skill that opens the door to knowledge building and communication skills, which are essential to a student’s ability to participate in not only the 21st century workforce, but also an increasingly complex world.

To offer Orton National Scholarships we set in motion a process that we believe will provide an ongoing financial commitment to fund teacher training. This is how the program works:

Each year, an evolving group of Boon core-funders and major donors will show their commitment to reducing the reading crisis by providing dollar-for-dollar matching funds to general donors across America.

Most commonly, grant making and fundraising for training in explicit, multi-sensory reading instruction is local in nature. But as a national organization, Boon can encourage donors across America to pitch in and substantially increase the scope and substance of our grants.

Individual requests to Boon for scholarships are unnecessary.  All gifts will be distributed to Boon’s four designated grantee teacher training organizations, the most recognized and highly-regarded experts in the country, so they can award teachers with Orton National Scholarships in explicit, multi-sensory literacy instruction methods. Each training organization chooses scholarship recipients, conducts the training, and reports the outcomes to Boon. Individuals interested in scholarships are encouraged to contact one of these training organizations.

They are:

Generally, foundations require non profits to write proposals for mission support. Those grants can be for a particular activity, for a special, short-duration campaign, or for an organization’s general operations. In our experience, however, some of the most insightful grants can provide the kind of sustainable funding that could enable a non profit to confidently develop.

Boon has already vetted potential grantee trainers, taken the time to know their leadership, and evaluated the quality of their professional learning. In this way, Boon plans to be a grant making and fundraising resource for teacher training that stays the course, year in and year out, providing pre-approved annual funds that predictably and consistently invest in the four designated grantee training organizations.

Our rationale: by receiving a guaranteed grant, the teacher training organizations can more efficiently plan their training activities because they know the Orton National Scholarships will be provided on a regular basis. Boon’s funding will make it possible for teacher trainers to spend more time training and less time fundraising. Our scholarships will significantly increase the number of teachers that receive training, because the courses are free, and available in most states. The quality of the professional learning will encourage individual teachers to apply for scholarships.

For students and teachers the impact will be impressive. 

Boon's success depends upon everyone working together to ensure our collective gifts are available for teacher training in explicit, multi-sensory reading instruction. We have sincere faith that a combination of committed core-funders and major donors providing annual, dollar-for-dollar matching funds, added to thousands of average gifts from citizens that celebrate the essential value of effective reading, will create the community we envision.

Every child is a miracle, and it is our duty as adults to ensure that each one reaches their full potential in every way.

Henry Sinclair Sherrill
Boon Philanthropy