Our Mission


  • Prior to Boon, the commitment and strategic collaboration of our core-funders was demonstrated by preliminary and exploratory grants.
  • Dedicated donors and co-investors with gifts of all sizes can participate in national and larger scale, coordinated philanthropy.
  • Many pooled gifts add strength, influence, and leadership to our collective and proactive grant making and advocacy.
  • We combine “head and heart” in our mission to provide flexible funding that fills gaps and finds new opportunities to assist educators.
  • Scale is achieved from grants distributed to well-established 501(c)3 organizations across the United States. The use of their best practices can spread with added funding.
  • We know and trust the organizations and professionals we fund, and we monitor their progress. As experts, the leadership of our designated Orton National Scholarship training organizations will insure teachers meet the requirements of each level of certified training.
  • Quality is assured with highly-qualified grantees that use evidence-based instruction methods, with the requisite skills, proven track record, and documented success.
  • Sustainability is assured by establishing an ongoing pipeline of teachers being trained, from introductory-level courses through teacher training certification.
  • Our network of expert stewards/consultants develop authentic working relationships with grantees for more successful outcomes.
  • All donors and interested parties can benefit from grant making objectivity derived from ongoing research and analysis.