Special Books

Special Books

As funders, part of our research at Boon includes studying special books. The books on this page represent just a few that we have read to further our understanding. As time permits we will add more.

Language at the Speed of Sight

How we read, why so many can't, and what can be done about it.
By Mark Seidenberg

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Pathways to Personalization

By Shawn Rubin and Cathy Sanford

Pathways to Personalization offers an innovative five-step framework to help school leaders and teacher teams design and implement blended and personalized learning initiatives based on local needs and interests.

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"A Mind at a Time"

The following is an outline of quotes and paraphrases derived from Dr. Levine’s book, A Mind at a Time, and it describes his Thinking Systems.


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Leaving Johnny Behind

By Anthony Pedriana

Following his 35-year career as a public school teacher, Tony Pedriana, “trained reading specialist” and principal, thoroughly researched the discrepancies between reading science and  instruction practices in the American education system. What he learned changed his perspective on reading instruction training. His book, Leaving Johnny Behind: Overcoming Barriers to Literacy and Reclaiming At-Risk Readers, continues to be an important one. It includes a forward by Dr. G. Reid Lyon, the former Chief of the Child Development and Behavior Branch within the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) at the National Institute of Health (NIH).

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Thinking Like Einstein

By Thomas G. West

In Thinking Like Einstein, West investigates the new worlds of visual thinking, insight, and creativity made possible by computer graphics and information visualization technologies. He argues that, with the rapid spread of inexpensive and powerful computers, we are now at the beginning of a major transition, moving from an old world based mainly on words and numbers to a new world where high level work in all fields will eventually involve insights based on the display and manipulation of complex information using moving computer images.

Understanding and Teaching Reading Comprehension

By Jane Oakhill

The Handbook of Reading Comprehension presents an overview of recent findings on reading comprehension and comprehension problems of children. It provides a detailed examination of the characteristics of children who have reading comprehension difficulties, and examines ways in which comprehension can be supported and improved. It is accessibly written for students and professionals with no previous background in the psychology of reading or reading problems.


The Voice of Evidence in Reading Research

By Peggy McCardle

As education professionals work to incorporate scientific, evidence-based practices to reading instruction, one thing is clear: sound decisions depend on solid understanding of what the research says. This book brings together all the information readers need in a single volume. A masterful synthesis of information from leading experts in the field, this accessible resource helps school administrators, educators, and specialists answer complex questions about scientifically based reading research and make informed choices about teaching practices.

In the Minds Eye

By Thomas G. West

In the Mind's Eye has been recognized as a classic in its field, and has been recognized as among the "best of the best" by the American Library Association. The book offers a uniquely compelling argument for the great importance of visual learning and visual technologies, as well as the high creative importance of many individuals with language-based or other learning disabilities.

Reading Intervention Behind School Walls

By Faith Borkowsky

This reminds me of how one small change in American Education has led to out-of-control illiteracy rates more than any other change - the marginalization of phonics in the kindergarten through third grade classrooms.

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