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Five years of preliminary research for Boon started as a discovery and planning tool for our potential funding to education.  Research leads to problem identification, which helps us develop our vision and author our own strategies and solutions. It gives us the insight to identify problems and explore strategies that lead to our current funding solutions. Knowledge from research allows us to challenge our viewpoint, adapt to change and capitalize on emerging opportunities. It makes our giving nimble and more productive.

Not being educators, we asked experts to guide our inquiries into:

  • History and structure of the K-12 education system
  • Decision makers in the education system
  • Legislation that impacts education
  • Policy and advocacy activities
  • Teacher preparation and professional learning
  • Research and practice into learning processes
  • Learning differences and special education
  • Longstanding, reoccurring problems
  • Educational philanthropy
  • Role of tax dollars in education funding
  • Education technology
  • Trends and changes in education
  • Special Books

We created a map from a top-down perspective to structure, focus, and clarify Boon's future grant making, and to help define the depth of our potential engagement.