Our Mission

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Beginning in 2011 and prior to organizing Boon, our core-funders made preliminary and experimental grants to educational organizations that can help change teacher and student success in the areas of early childcare and preschool literacy and teacher education in literacy in Grade 1-12, and to advance the value of the learning differences field expertise for learners.

The research, analysis, identification of ideal grantees, and the free consulting necessary to lay the groundwork for our two public funds and two core-funder funds has given us the confidence to raise further funds to increase their impact.



  • Research & Analysis
  • Problem & Solution
  • Grantee Identification
  • Negotiated Grant Goal
  • Continual Identification of Collaborators/Networks
  • Ongoing Free Consulting/Stewardship
  • Monitor Progress
Education Methods

Teacher Training for Literacy $1,110,000

Early Literacy $855,000

Educational Field Research $162,000

Stewardship & Free Consulting $630,000

Exploratory Grants $610,000

LD Field Expertise $1,135,000