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Jeffrey Wilder Earls
For 28 years, Jeffrey Earls has served the John C. Griswold Foundation as president and director, managing the operations of the foundation, working with family directors, and other grant makers to provide funding to an extensive number of nonprofits that are based in the Northeast and Mid-West, as well as in California. JCG Foundation supports community-based social services operations for organizations in education, the arts, nature, and the environment. He has sponsored three significant grants to support research and analysis in the field of learning disabilities, and he is an advocate of its importance to the public education system.

For 30 years Mr. Earls was an executive in the aviation insurance business with Marsh & McLennan, Aon (Frank B. Hall, Bayly, Martin & Fay – merged) The Whitmore Group, USI CT and Hub International. He was responsible for Commercial Aviation accounts , managing, marketing and handling of day to day responsibilities with respect to the insurance needs of the companies he worked with.

Mr. Earls retired from the insurance industry, and is dedicating himself to nonprofit sector. He is the former Director of Development at Connecticut-based, Family Reentry, which assists individuals and family's involved with the criminal justice system.

Mr. Earls is currently serving as the Director of Philanthropy at ReadWorks in Brooklyn, New York. ReadWorks improves teacher effectiveness and student reading performance by offering free, online cognitive science-based instruction and curricula to teachers through lesson plans, curated non fiction and fiction articles, training materials, and assessment tools.